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By Marilyn, on January 9th, 2013

I found an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola that highlights some new research that shows the brain disease Alzheimer’s may not be the mystery it is thought to be.  As I was searching where I found this article, I ran across two web sites that criticize Dr. Mercola because he is an advocate of not believing everything that the medical community and the FDA tells you.  Dr. Mercola would have you use natural (diet) means to deal with diabetes, for one and also Alzheimer’s.  My mother had dementia and I for one do not believe that the medical community did anything to stop it.  After reading Dr. Mercola’s article, I was encouraged and believe that I do not have to “fear” dementia if I change my diet—sugar and grain free and continue to be pharmaceutical drug free.

“Alzheimer’s is generally thought to strike without warning or reason.  That is, until recently.  In fact, many researchers are now convinced Alzheimer’s is actually a form of diet-induced diabetes.  And if the evidence continues to mount, we may one day have to start calling it Type 3 Diabetes.  In a recent animal study, researchers from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island were able to induce many of the characteristic brain changes seen with Alzheimer’s disease (disorientations, confusion, inability to learn and remember) by interfering with insulin signaling in their brains.  Faulty insulin (and leptin, another hormone) signaling is an underlying cause of insulin resistance, which, of course, typically leads to type 2 diabetes.  However, while insulin is usually associated with its role in keeping your blood sugar levels in a healthy range, it also plays a role in brain signaling.  When researchers disrupted the proper signaling of insulin in the brain, it resulted in dementia.”

When our bodies are given too much sugars and grains, our body becomes” incapable of “hearing” the proper signals from insulin and leptin, leaving us insulin resistant in both body and brain.

In early 2005 researchers tentatively dubbed Alzheimer’s “type 3 diabetes”  when researchers found that the brain produces insulin that is necessary for the survival of your brain cells.  “If you have diabetes, your risk of Alzheimer’s increases dramatically.” “ The new focus [on the Alzheimer’s/diabetes/insulin connection] follows a growing recognition of insulin’s role in the brain.  Before the hormone was thought of only as the regulator of blood sugar.  It is now known as a “master multitasker”.  When the body is overwhelmed by sugar and grains, the brain is also affected, shutting down its insulin signaling leading to impairments in your thinking and memory abilities and eventually causing permanent brain damage.

This is just part of Dr. Mercola’s article.  The article was found on Health News Impact.  Here are other articles about Alzheimer’s.

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