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By Nathan, on September 24th, 2012

Last week, I posted about food waste. This week I am going to propose a social question: In this age of social progress and technology, why is homelessness and famine still an issue? There isn’t any reason for anybody to be hungry, as I stated last week, but likewise, there is no reason that anybody should be without a home either. Or out of work, for that matter. Only the outdated notion of social class and feeling that entitlement comes on the backs of others. Nonsense. A well taken care of populace benefits all. A populace that has access to food, clean water and a roof over their heads would not over-burden a healthcare system. A 47% that has access to plentiful whole foods, clean water, a roof, and quality healthcare has little reason for crime. It has little reason for fear. I postulate that it would reduce population as well. An access to affordable contraception and preventative care would help that. A welfare and unemployment system that provided work training, educational grants and job placement would ease the social care bill in the long run by putting people to work and creating more jobs. It might even boost the Space Program. This isn’t a political line, really; it’s a logical line. Most crime in the lower “class” echelons is desperation. Seeing all around them those things that they don’t have, opportunities that they are told they have, but don’t. If they have ready access to what they need, crime goes down. If they have a path to what they want that isn’t endlessly clogged with unnecessary hurdles, they will take it. But let’s get to the heart of the matter, shall we? The only reason that this is even a debate is greed, a tendency to grab everything so no one else can have it. That tendency cripples everyone, including the greedy. An open pool of knowledge, basic human needs, and opportunity would strengthen their holdings while giving some to those who need it.

So I am giving you an assignment. In the comment section below, discuss this. Seek to tell me why this is a pipe dream or why this is fully realizable. Start a dialog. That is it. Start something that makes real sensible communication as opposed to the political rhetoric being tossed about by those who seek to run the country.