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By Marilyn, on January 25th, 2012

I have had a hard time trying to write about leadership.  I have wondered why I am having such a hard time writing about this and have come to the conclusion that I do not see any leaders that I respect and want to follow right now.

Watching the Republican debates just makes me ill – these men want to lead our nation—I cannot follow them.  They do not match my “why” or what I believe is a good man (or woman) to be the president of our nation.   They do not have any morals, do not care for the people of this nation, or have not said anything worth my considering them worthy of my vote.  After listening to the State of the Union address, I was somewhat inspired, but I think that President Obama is really tired of all the bickering and the battle with the Republicans.  He is now trying to do many things on “his own” with his administration.  I was really appalled that one of our representatives did not attend because he is so “Republican” and closed minded that he cannot open his mind to even begin to compromise or hear what may be important to his constituents.

So, many of our “elected officials” are not  leaders—they are placeholders with their own desires and agendas before them.  For me a good leader can see beyond their own wants and desires.  He or she is solid in their “why” and can see a future for all of us that reaches into our “ whys”.

Both Felicia‘s and Gary’s posts are so great about leadership.  I was inspired by the TED video – it helped me put in focus why I was feeling negative about the debates and candidates and other “leaders” that I have encountered.  Felicia helped me realize that I have a responsibility too—that I am a leader in my life even though I have not believed that I am.  I am a “leader” by example to all around me.  I am throwing the negative and angry thoughts towards the media, government and problems and thinking positive thoughts to a better world and country.